Watches Included With Zero Time Dilemma Limited Watch Edition Delayed

Were you one of those folks who ordered one of the limited editions of Zero Time Dilemma to get its cool watch? Well, Aksys Games has some bad news for you: the watches have been delayed by a few weeks because they were damaged and have been “sent back to the factory.”   Those who ordered this edition of the game will still get the game on release and will receive the watch later as well as an added “bonus” of some sort.

Here’s the explanation in full from Aksys’ official Twitter account:

We’ve reached out to Aksys Games for further comment and will update this article accordingly if we hear back.

Zero Time Dilemma is out next week. You can read our review of the game here

Our Take
Bummer! But hey, at least Aksys is being upfront about the trouble and is including a bonus to make it up to folks who paid for the limited edition.