Hasbro Unveils Rogue One AT-ACT Walkers At SDCC

Hasbro has been revealing several Rogue One-related action figures and toys this week at San Diego Comic-Con, and these AT-ACT collectibles are yet another neat addition from the company. 

The 3.75-inch scale AT-ACT, a vehicle that was featured in the upcoming film’s trailer, are walkable just as they are in Star Wars. These vehicles can be remote controlled via your smartphone or set to move with the touch of a button. You can also set them up to shoot out four Nerf darts at a time. Check out the rest of our photos from San Diego Comic-Con below.

The side of the AT-ACT also features a cargo hold, which can alternatively be placed on the floor like a bunker, and then be connected to the vehicle with a zip line. A blaster cannon is also included. As for action figures, the AT-ACT comes with three 3.75-inch ones, including Jyn Erso, a driver, and an Imperial Astromech.

This set will be in stores as of September 30. Hasbro also showed off its Star Wars: Black Series collectibles and a Jyn Erso figure at SDCC.