Game Industry Parody Dawn Of The Devs Hits Kickstarter

Underdog studios has announced a Kickstarter for a strange project: a puzzle-platforming game featuring famous game designers as the leads.

Well, not quite. Instead of using the actual likenesses of the game designers themselves, Dawn of the Devs lets you play as Hiro Komiya (Hideo Kojima), Biff Klozinski (Cliff Bleszinski) and Tom Schiffer (Tim Schafer), solving puzzles and using each character’s unique traits to overcome obstacles. Tom has an adventure game-style cursor and inventory, Biff uses a gun with a chainsaw affixed to its barrel, and Hiro can hide in a cardboard box and lure enemies near him.

Dawn of the Devs also has characters resembling Shigeru Miyamoto, Gabe Newell, Peter Molyneux, as stretch goals. It also features villains which revolve around gaming stereotypes such as internet trolls, software pirates, and mindless fans. The game is currently at around $6,000 of its $60,000 goal with 29 days to go as of this writing.

Our Take
It’s hard to know if the game will turn out well from the trailer (or if the project will even get funded). That said, everyone’s going to have their roster omissions to fuss over. Where’s Roberta Williams? Suda Goichi? Amy Hennig? The more designers included, the better.