Death Stranding Might Feature Female Hero, Releases Before 2019

Hideo Kojima has been progressively unveiling details about his first post-Konami game, Death Stranding, this week at the Tokyo Game Show. First, we learnt that the mysterious upcoming title will be an open world action game, and now, Kojima is teasing its release window, and that the game might feature a heroine.

Both on Twitter and during his appearance at TGS, Kojima cryptically said that Death Stranding will be out before the Tokyo Olympic Games (2020) and before the time period set in Akira, which is 2019. “To go a little further, there is a movie called Akira, and it will be out before the year in which Akira is set,” he said at the TGS event, according to IGN. Going by this logic, it means Death Stranding would release at some point in 2018. 

Kojima is also bringing up the possibility that Death Stranding will feature a female protagonist alongside Norman Reedus, though casting has not been completed yet. Kojima mentioned at the event that, “This game will show a different side of Norman Reedus than fans of The Walking Dead might expect.”

Finally, another one of his tweets says that, “Death Stranding will feature a new form of co-op play but will of course be fully playable in single player.” What exactly this “new form of co-op” entails is yet to be known.

During his talk at TGS, Kojima was asked about Metal Gear: Survive, the first Metal Gear game from Konami after his departure. He told fans that he didn’t believe zombies were a right fit for the series, and reiterated that he was not part of the team that is creating the game. Watch the reveal trailer from E3 for Death Stranding here.

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