Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Jackal Assault VR Experience Will Be Free To All PS4 Owners

If you’re a PlayStation VR owner, then you’ll be able to play Infinite Warfare’s Jackal Assault VR Experience, even if you’re not planning on buying the new Call of Duty.

The Jackal Assault VR Experience allows players to pilot the Jackal (seen above) in virtual reality. It will be free to all PlayStation 4 owners tomorrow, November 4, though you will need a PlayStation VR in order to play it.

[Source: Activision]

Our Take
Sony’s doing a good job keeping new PlayStation VR owners topped off with free content. The demo disc included with the hardware includes all kinds of trials and free stuff, and this is another nice bomus for those still getting their virtual feet wet. I have been happy to step away from PlayStation VR after spending lots of time with it for the review, but I think I might have to try this out tomorrow.