Humble Bundle Offers Up Mobile Tabletop Favorites

Humble Bundle often goes out of its way to find great thematic ties to link together its game offerings, and the newest bundle is no exception. Tabletop fans can pick up the mobile digital versions of some excellent board and card games, and the price is hard to beat. However, be aware that the package won’t do you much good if you play your mobile games on an Apple device; the new bundle is exclusive to Android users. 

For $1 or more, you gain access to Carcassonne and Scotland Yard. Spend $3 or more, and you acquire Splendor, Catan, and The Amazeing Labyrinth. And $5 or more nets you a Ticket To Ride, San Juan, and Galaxy Trucker.  

As always, your Humble Bundle purchase lets you choose how much money goes to the developers or one of several charities. 

To check out the new digital tabletop-themed Humble Bundle for yourself, head over to the official site

Our Take
Several of those digital games are fantastic in their original tabletop formats; I’m a particular fan of Splendor, Ticket To Ride, and Galaxy Trucker. I often find that digital versions of these games are a great and fun way to familiarize yourself with a game’s rules before picking up the physical versions to play with family and friends.