30 Characters We'd Love To See In Marvel Vs. Capcom 4

Rumors have been circulating that a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 announcement is on the horizon, but with so many characters to choose from, narrowing down to a manageable roster of fighters is difficult. Characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man are all but guaranteed to be included on the list from Marvel, while we would be utterly shocked if Ryu, Strider, and Morrigan don’t make appearances on the Capcom side. With that in mind, we chose to focus on characters that aren’t necessarily locks to appear.

Also, while the current rumor is that the characters from Marvel’s side will focus in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (meaning no X-Men, Fantastic Four, or Deadpool), we’re going to disregard that tidbit in favor of creating a true wishlist that we feel would create the best roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 4.

Check out our picks below, and let us know which of your favorite characters we left off.

Black Widow

Black Widow is a martial-arts expert and an acrobatic operative, making her a great fit for a fighting game. In addition, Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of the character has caused Black Widow’s popularity to skyrocket in recent years.


The Devil May Cry protagonist finally made his first appearance in the crossover series in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and proved to be one of the more popular fighters. With over-the-top flair and devastating abilities, it would be great to see him back on the roster.

Luke Cage

The man has unbreakable skin, is super strong, and can take a beating like none other. If that doesn’t qualify him for a fighting game, we don’t know what will. However, in the name of balance, they’d probably have to tone down just how unbreakable his skin is.


The super soldier who debuted in Super Street Fighter II has become a mainstay in that series, but she has also enjoyed appearances in X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Her popularity alone should qualify her for appearing on behalf of Capcom, but her awesome moves and fighting ability make her one of our most-desired characters.


In addition to his popular Netflix series, Matt Murdock has an incredible arsenal of hand-to-hand tactics and the ability to whip around his baton gives him a ton of abilities that players could experiment with. In addition, the character is central to many Avengers storylines in the comics, making his absence up to this point a bit strange.


Street Fighter V’s four new characters were memorable, but Necalli was the one character Capcom trotted out as the ultimate force of nature. His powerful attacks and abilities, as well as his immediately recognizable look, would make for a great addition.


For much of the first phase and a half of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor’s adoptive brother Loki was the face of adversity and antagonism. Mind-control powers, command over the Chitauri army, and his scepter make Loki a formidable fighter.


Sakura has missed several key entries from the Versus series, but as one of our favorite characters from the Street Fighter series, we’d love to see her appear. Her interactions with Ryu could make for some fun dynamics if the two are teamed together.

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