The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Will Have A Two Episode Premiere, Launch Trailer Revealed

The third season for Telltale’s The Walking Dead is nearly among us. Telltale announced today that the premiere will feature a two-part premiere. The two episodes, Ties That Bind Part I and Part II will be available to download at launch on December 20.

Moreover, Telltale revealed its launch trailer, which you can view below. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will see the return of Clementine and an all-new playable protagonist alongside her, named Javier Garcia. In the trailer, we see a glimpse of a group called The New Frontier, with Clementine as the narrator ominously commenting that “they used to be decent people. Now, they’re something else.”

Check out a previous trailer from The Game Awards that put emphasis on Javier’s backstory, as well as several narrative possibilities that we hope to see in this new season.