Tachanka Gets Some Love In Latest Rainbow Six Siege Update

Poor Tachanka. The Spetsnaz gunner has antiquated armor, and a weapon that looks straight out of the Cold War, and one of the slowest movement ratings in the game, so the cards were already stacked against him. As many defenders found out over the course of playing Rainbow Six Siege for a year, it’s also very dangerous to stay stationary. That’s why it’s understandable he’s the least chosen player of the Rainbow Six Siege roster. 

Today, Ubisoft is showing its stationary gunner some love. To make him more useful, the developers have added a shield on the front of his turret to protect him from frontal headshots. To balance out this boost, they also added some spread and recoil to the turret.

The Midseason Reinforcements update makes several other significant changes, including the addition of the long-requested Bartlett University map that was originally only used during the tutorial. Fuze is getting another cluster charge, Bandit has a fourth battery now, and Blackbeard is getting nerfed. You can read about all the changes at the Rainbow Six Siege blog

Our Take
Tachanka has become a running joke in Siege circles as the lovable loser. Here’s hoping the changes give him some value to rebuild his rep.