Pokémon Go Update To Fix GPS Drifting

The notes for the latest Pokémon Go patch are somewhat sparse compared to other updates, but their implications could be big.

Specifically, the update looks to address the issue of GPS drift, which is when a GPS signal can “drift” around slightly on a map, even as the device emitting the signal remains idle. Pokémon Go this allowed users to slowly accumulate kilometers at home, which wasn’t technically cheating but was something of an exploit. After this update, that should no longer be the case.

The update will also show eggs collected from PokéStops on the Apple Watch version of the game, and introduce some more minor text fixes.

[Source: Pokémon Go Live

Our Take
I’ll admit to having hatched one or two eggs by using GPS drift it’s too tempting not to! But fair’s fair, and this update is going to encourage people to go out and hatch their eggs as Arceus intended. That said, in an ideal world, you’d be able to get kilometers while on a treadmill, too. You can already do this on the Apple Watch version of the app, so it’d be nice if it came to the phone version, as well.