Reader Discussion – Who Is Your Favorite Video Game Character Of All Time?

Some video game characters can resonate more strongly with you than others. Maybe it’s because they were a solid lead, relatable, or had personality traits that you admire. Games can speak to us on an intimate level that can create a strong connection to these fictional beings, and it’s one of my favorite things about interactive experiences.

With that said, who is your favorite video game character? Did this character do or say something you admire?

Ellie from The Last of Us absolutely had a lasting effect on me, probably because I felt like I identified with her. She’s strong willed and is able to overcome a tough past by bonding with Joel, even if it starts off rocky. Thane from the Mass Effect series also stands out to me, mostly because he was incredibly intriguing from the get-go. There is an interesting contrast to his personality; he is a badass assassin while also remaining incredibly zen through his spirituality.

Which fictional character from games do you most admire? In contrast, is there a character that you felt a disconnect with for one reason or another? Let us know in the comments below!