Final Fantasy XV's Chapter 13 Update Is Out Today

Not long after the release of Final Fantasy XV, director Hajime Tabata responded to fan feedback by announcing plans to revamp some story content – specifically chapter 13. Now that update is live, and players can experience the story changes and pacing tweaks for themselves.

The alterations (dubbed Chapter 13, Verse 2) include the ability to take Gladio and Ignis through Zegnautus Keep, modifications to Noctis’ ring magic, and some story scenes that apparently provide more details on the fate of Ravus and Iedolas.

Changes beyond chapter 13, like the ability to tread previously inaccessible ground on chocobos, are also part of this update. See the full trailer here:

This is just the first update this week; tomorrow marks the release of Episode Gladiolus, the first story-based DLC pack for the game. 

Our Take
While I definitely appreciate the team’s willingness to listen to players and make changes, I’m not sure I’ll go back to see the new content. Final Fantasy XV was my personal game of the year in 2016 (I even got the platinum trophy), but I feel like my time with it might be done. Are you going to load up the game to check out the changes?