Stunning Metroid Fan Art Showcases The Intergalactic Bounty Hunter

An illustrator named Francoyovich (François Coutu), recently put out a series of Metroid illustrations that feature Samus Aran in a variety of locations that highlight the enemies that reside within them.

The first print puts Samus in a BioShock-esque underwater tube, while a giant Leviathan lurks below. She appears in the second standing heroically on a pillar in the volcanic depths of Norfair, dwarfed by Ridley’s massive head in the distance. This is easily the most terrifying depiction of Ridley I’ve ever seen. Finally, within the caverns of Brinstar, Samus is shown readying herself to fight off a horde of Zebs. Compared to the first two enemies, I think I could handle these.

[Source: François Coutu]