Ubisoft Reveals Anno 1800, Coming Winter 2018

At Gamescom, Ubisoft revealed that the Anno series is coming back. Anno 1800, the upcoming entry in the RTS city-building series, takes us into the past during the Industrial Revolution. 

Details are slim, but we did see a short presentation and demo that showcased parts of the game. Anno 1800 will tackle issues such as the age of colonialism, a sparking revolution, and the rise of success from those without noble blood. You have the city at your fingertips, and when issues come up such as uprisings in the streets, it’s up to you how to respond. For example, you can send in forces to control riots and violence.

Like previous entries, Anno 1800 will focus on discovery, diplomacy, and trade. It will offer a deep campaign, sandbox mode, as well as multiplayer with or against friends. Ubisoft also unveiled its program called the Anno Union, an online community that asks for feedback from fans who are invited to play beta builds of the game before release.

Anno 1800 comes to PC as of Winter 2018.