Reader Discussion: Which Game's Beta Did You Play Most?

Although the line between a game that’s done and one that’s released get blurrier every year, playing a Beta for a game I’m interested in (or am curious about) is always a unique kind of fun. Although few betas are truly the point at which a developer is seeking feedback beyond how to prepare its servers for launch, I like the idea of playing a game that might change in the future. Of course, getting a sneak peek at a game that isn’t out yet is also fun.

Case in point: I spent more time in the Call of Duty: World at War beta than I have with full-fledged multiplayer titles. This was coming hot on the tail of the first Modern Warfare, a game I played religiously for months. Although it didn’t make too many alterations that game’s formula, World at War’s beta had enough twists on the concept of killstreaks and upgrades to make it worthwhile, and the “War” mode was a ton of fun, and I’m sad it ended up not being part of the series’ regular rotation. Anyway, it was a blast, and in retrospect I’m surprised I spent this much time on a game I ultimately don’t remember as being incredible or anything.

But what about you? What beta kept you going for hours on end? Were you someone who loved the beta version of Halo 3 more than the final product? Did you get your fill of Titanfall in the beta and then not buy it at release? Let us know in the comments.