Peter Rosas, Also Known As Combofiend, Has Left Capcom

Peter Rosas, probably better known for his professional fighting game handle of Combofiend, has announced that he has left Capcom. Rosas started at Capcom as a community manager and most recently worked as a producer on Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite.

During his fighting game career, Rosas was famous for popularizing Spencer in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and, specifically, Spencer’s super move of the Bionic Arm. Rosas changed the game for Spencer by showing how the Bionic Arm could best be used as a quick and vicious counter to an approaching enemy, or even as a ridiculous follow-up to a huge combo.

Rosas also voice-acted the cop, Peter, in Street Fighter V’s story mode, who basically only existed to get beaten up. Earlier in the year, Rosas was caught off-guard during an interview on the subject of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite and its relationship with X-Men characters. Rosas made the claim that people only liked the functions of those characters and that the functions would be well-represented, which did not sit well with fans of Wolverine and Magneto throughout the Marvel games, and lead to the joke of “Function vs. Function” becoming a meme about the title.

He has not indicated where he will head next. Rosas’ goodbye post can be found at the source link.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

Our Take
Rosas is a good guy and I beat him at Marvel once. He almost certainly let me win, but there’s like a one percent chance I won legitimately and I am holding on to that bit like grim death.