The Outlast Franchise Is Coming To Switch And Outlast 3 Is In Development

The developers behind Outlast, the first-person horror games that are often credited with helping to usher in the popularity of indie horror titles, have announced that Outlast titles are coming to the Switch early next year.

Red Barrels announced it this today in a tweet, complete with a picture of the first game running on a Switch handheld mode. It wasn’t detailed exactly when the game would come out or in what form, but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One got physical editions of Outlast 1, the Whistleblower DLC, and Outlast 2 for $40, so that would be a safe bet for how it releases on the Switch.

The developer also mentioned that, despite fan requests for Outlast 2 DLC, Red Barrels doesn’t believe there is a good way to make it fit with the maze-like nature of the game. Instead, the plan is to turn toward Outlast 3 and another project set in the Outlast universe next. No other details were given, but the Outlast universe project is scheduled to come out before Outlast 3.

[Source: Outlast Facebook]