Ford ‘Feel the View’ device lets blind people see the passing sights

Ford tends to develop some pretty nifty technology that doesn’t always reach mass production, and it recently revealed another device that falls in that category. It’s called Feel the View, and it lets blind people get an idea of what’s outside the car window. It does this in a clever way using vibrations on the glass.

The device itself mounts to the top of the passenger window and has a camera facing outside. Press a button, and the system takes a picture of the current view. That picture is converted to black-and-white, and different shades become different levels of vibration. The device also tracks the person’s finger, and will vibrate differently as the finger passes over different parts of the image as if it were projected on the window. In addition to the vibrations, the device has technology that allows it to recognize the basics of the view and provide an audio description.

You can see the demonstration of the technology above. It’s quite clever, and seems like a great way for making the world a bit more accessible and inclusive for everyone in it. We don’t expect this to become a standard or optional feature in most new Fords, but we hope it reaches mass production in some way, whether it’s from Ford or another company.

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