Amazon Kindle Ebook Readers Are $30 Off Right Now

There are plenty of reasons to love Amazon Prime, but even if you aren’t one of the 100 million people on Amazon’s 2-Day shipping and perks plan, there are still deals to be had. Right now, Amazon is giving everyone, not just Prime members, the opportunity to get $30 off the Kindle Paperwhite and standard Kindle. The sale appears to be today only.

Kindle Paperwhite for $90 ($30 Off)

The Best All-Around Kindle: If you want a Kindle, but haven’t gotten further than that, the Paperwhite has long been the best place to start. It has most of the luxury Kindle features, including an easy-on-the-eyes backlit screen and 30-day battery life, but at a price that won’t destroy you. This week, you can grab the normal 6-inch Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi ebook reader for $90 (Regularly $120).

Kindle for $50 ($30 Off)

The standard 6-inch Kindle also works great, just not in the dark. Its resolution is a little lower, but honestly it probably won’t bother you a bit. The lack of a backlight might bum you out, but at this price, maybe just turn your bedside lamp on. The standard 6-inch Kindle Wi-Fi ebook reader for $50 (Regularly $80).

How to Load Up on Ebooks

If you decide to curl up with a new Kindle, you may want to consider Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription. We’re not always fans of the growing subscription economy, but this one gives unlimited access to 1 million books that you can read at your leisure, and some free Audible books, too (not a bad deal). Kindle Unlimited costs $10 a month.

You can also trade in an old Kindle e-reader for a discount on a new one.

Updated May 2018: This deal was last active in Oct. 2018, but the deal is back on so we’ve updated this post to reflect that.

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